David Judd Pastor and Teaching Elder of St. Mark's Presbyterian Church

David Judd is a proud and fortunate husband.  With C. A. his wife, they are parents to three fantastic grown, out of the nest children who live in Little Rock, Dallas, and Memphis.  David loves to travel, enjoys most styles of music, football, night skies, and sunsets.  Energized by nature, it helps keep him calm on golf courses as he tries to play.  He plays guitar, runs to stay in shape, and enjoys his Sabbath.

He graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin, and with a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey.  He has studied Spiritual Direction and Family Systems Theory in San Francisco Theological Seminary.

I hope in my ministry at St. Mark’s to learn of God’s continuing revelation and guidance.  I endeavor to learn from those who have not experienced “church” and work with those who are veterans of organized religion.  As such in our prayers, play, work, and rest we give glory to God and learn how to be a community of Jesus Christ.    

I enjoy airports, new places, driving cars, flying, and exploring cities by foot.  I value life-long learning for all.  It keeps us young in body, mind and healthy in spirit! I follow world events, politics, history, and read both books and internet.  

I enjoy people and being in worship, fellowship, and service to God and our local and global community.  I hope to learn more about people through conversation, listening, and sharing work and rest; praying and playing.  These practices build communities and strengthen families.

God has nurtured, guided, and blessed me through a committed church upbringing.  I know I am fortunate in this.  My family and friends have helped form and nurture my faith and help me to learn more of God’s mystery and plan for my life, our lives.  I am a lifelong Christian first, Presbyterian second. 

All this is a joy and blessing, but not without trial and prayer.  My life experience and history may also hinder my ministry to those from a very different faith journey.  Even those who not lived the church experience or known about the Christian life or a faith community can still teach me about God and faith.