Worship is the core of our community when we gather around the table to hear the Bible speak of God and the ministry of our Lord Jesus.  Experiencing the Sacraments of baptism and communion knits us together with the Living Word.

We respond to God’s call with our worship offering prayers, listening with attentive silence, sharing our hearts and lives, and enjoying music - expressing a love of God, the one true God.

Our worship is a way to nourish our spirits and learn ways to be more faithful to Jesus as Lord.  We show gratitude for the peace only our salvation can provide.  Our salvation is discovering the power of love exhibited in forgiveness, healing, and service. All this is a result of worship and our worship becomes our life together.

Our life extends from worship, we worship the one true living God, experienced and understood as Heavenly Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit, which resides in us and guides us in the way of a shared faith.